Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking News - A Best Laid Plans Update

Whew! The holidays have passed and now we're fully immersed in 2011. Is it just me, or does 2011 sound like some crazy space-aged time warp that runs counter to us not yet having flying cars and teleportation? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, never mind, moving on...

Great news for my "Best Laid Plans" followers - remember how this whole project was meant to conclude as a documentary? Well, some decisions have been made and "Best Laid Plans" will have its debut in the next month or so as a documentary web series (I promise an exact date soon). I spent a number of days over the holiday break mulling over the copious amounts of footage and... whoa. Looking back - seeing how heartbroken I was. Seeing how the failure of my marriage weighed on me was a profound experience to say the least. Memories of feelings are nothing compared with video diaries, and I guess I wasn't prepared for having to revisit those emotions. But I did and I have, and I'm sure that won't be the last time I'm put off guard by having to take in once again all that I said and felt at the time.

They say you should never do your own video editing and I can really see why. It's a challenge to choose footage based on content rather than based on where I think I look the best. Having to push out thoughts such as do i really sound like that??? or why the hell didn't anyone tell me how bad that shirt looks on me! is a challenge for sure. In reviewing tape of one sit down with friends I had the unfortunate realization that I basically ate the entire time. Nothing like an interview to make you peckish, I guess. So there I was, starting at myself, eating... and then talking... and then eating some more. Oy.

Moving on, once again.

So... there's the update! A documentary web series. Sometime in the next month or so.

That is if I can get passed the sound of my own voice :)

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