Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Would You Want To Know?

Have any of you heard about that blood test that can estimate how quickly you're aging, and thereby might be a predictor of how long you may live?This weekend I read up on the story and though some scientists question the accuracy of the test, the whole idea behind it- finding out how long your life might be - has me stumped. I can't figure out how I feel about it. It seems like the ultimate "best laid plans" test. Would you plan your life differently if you thought you might not live beyond fifty? Would you take more risks or would it make you live a more cautious life? What would you do if you thought your life might extend beyond one hundred? Would it mean you might try your hand at that second career you always wanted?

Would you even want to take the test in the first place?

I'm not too sure that I'd want to know actually. Whenever I go through a difficult time in my life, I always desperately wish I knew when it'll get better. I want some kind of timeline for relief. Will it come in a few days, several months or might it take years? Yet there is something wonderful about not knowing. There is something perfect about living life with a question mark over your head that would be taken away if I knew my body was aging faster than my years. I suppose for some it might create that "ah ha" moment that ignites a life change, but I'm not sure I'd fall into that category of person.

What about you? Would you want to know?

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missymilk said...

i wouldn't want to know. It would just feel like impending doom.