Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Years Resolution: Losing Weight

Weight loss. Come the start of every year the gyms are full, diet companies like Weight Watchers (doesn't Jennifer Hudson look fabulous by the way!), Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem run their commercials nonstop and the news programs include "exclusive" tips and trends in their news cycles. Many of us take part in the pattern - me included. And so there I was this morning, working my way to a smaller tush on the elliptical, when it struck me just how much emotional weight I've lost over these few years. I'm not saying I've turned into some kind of uber-balanced person or anything because that would be a big honking lie, but reviewing the footage from BLP has reminded me just how far into the dark side I had gone post breakup. The depression. Feeling like I had failed. Like I'd let everyone who had come to my wedding down. Truth is, I let myself down. Now, a few years later, it's like I feel as if I'm breathing again. When did that happen? How did it happen? Exactly what year, what month, what day began allowing the oxygen back in? Did my dog help bring the air in? My friends? Family? What? What was it that helped me lose all that emotional weight?

I want to hear from you. When did you start to feel whole again after a huge failure/disappointment/heartbreak? How'd it happen for you? Tell me about your weight loss.

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John Tintera said...

The closest I've come to the kind of heartbreak you speak of is my experience with seminary. After leaving, I carried on with my usual faith practices for a while. Then about a year later that I started to drift away from the Catholic church. Part of the reason was the fact that my future wife's Protestant parish was was so vibrant. But I was also pretty pissed about the whole experience. Coming back to my faith was like you describe--incremental, imperceptible really, until one day I knew that I had to go back. You really describe the mysterious process of healing well!